Nieuwvliet, the most beautiful beaches of Zeeuws Vlaanderen


Nieuwvliet is a nice and quiet small village with a beautiful beach. Many families with children have been coming to this place for years in a row now. Here you’ll find quietness and space in every season of the year. Nieuwvliet is hardly 10 kilometres away from the Belgian border, but it cannot be compared with whatever existing Belgium seaside resorts. The beaches at Nieuwvliet are open and free, high-rise buildings are nowhere to be found and the village is situated in the middle of the scenic area the Verdronken Zwarte Polder.



Nieuwvliet has the most beautiful beaches of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The wide beaches are perfect for long beach hikes. During ebb tide locally some seawater remains scattered over the beach, causing little shallow puddles. The lifeguard post ensures that Nieuwvliet is the ideal swimming place for little children. Also fossils of shells, shark- and ray teeth are to be found on the beach. According to meteorologists the Province of Zeeland has the most sunshine hours of the whole of the Netherlands during the summer season.


The beach is clean and safe. You can rent bathing cabins, in which you can change, your clothes and leave your belongings. During the autumn and winter season the beach is a popular place to have a nice walk (hike). When you prefer to fly kites, you have come to the right place.



The village centre of Nieuwvliet lies about two kilometres away from the beach. Nieuwvliet has an historical centre, which descends from the sixteenth century. From way back Nieuwvliet was an agricultural village. The inhabitants were especially farmers, agricultural labourers and dike workers. Until after the Second World War farming was the most important means of existence. Nowadays tourism is the main source of income. Consequently there are sufficient restaurants and outdoor cafés present.



In the several surrounding villages throughout the year, but especially in July and august enjoyable evening markets and fairs are taking place. Furthermore on the coast there are different hoarses and ancient polders, which are covering wonderful scenic areas. Nearby there is the scenic area the Verdronken Zwarte Polder with an impressive dune area. Like Het Zwin and the Verdronken Zwarte Polder.

Who is in favour of clean beaches, should go to Nieuwvliet. Scenic area the Verdronken Zwarte Polder surely is worthwhile to visit. It’s a splendid area consisting of salt marshes, mud flats, dunes and beaches. A walking route has been plotted to lead (guide) you along the most beautiful spots.

Shark Teeth

The biggest beach sensation is to find age-old fossils of shells, ray- and shark teeth. The best finding places of these prehistoric stones are around the radar tower in Nieuwvliet and in the Zwingeul near Cadzand. Every scramble in the sand on the beach usually produces some of these fossils.


Extensive bicycle- and hiking routes enable you to get to know the hinterland of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. In the nearby village of Philippine yearly half a million kilogram of mussels is being consumed, especially by tourists. Furthermore in the local town of Sluis you’ll find a dream place for shopping fanatics, because the shops are open seven days a week all year around. As far as the distance goes, it can be easily bridged (tided over) with sporty young children. A day trip to the medieval city of Brugge or the mundane city of Knokke with its nice boutiques and shopping streets, is definitely worthwhile.


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