Medical Information


Do you stay in Nieuwvliet and need help? In the Netherlands it's not possible to visit a hospital on your own initiative for medical help. You must first contact a local doctor in the place of residence.

A visit to the doctor without an appointment is usually not possible. You should always make an appointment by phone.

Keep the name of your own doctor and health insurance number to hand. If you are taking medication, take the names of the medication to the appointment.

General Practitioner / Local doctor

Huisartspraktijk Sluis

Zuiddijkstraat 8D, Sluis
tel. +31 117 421 421

Huisartspraktijk Oostburg-Cadzand

Pastoor van Genklaan 6, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 391 366

Huisartsenpraktijk Oostburg-Cadzand

Badhuisweg 42, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 391 366


Including: emergency department, pediatrician, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, etc.

AZ Zeno

Graaf Jansdijk 162, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 331 11
web. Website


Tandarstenpraktijk Nieuwstraat

Nieuwstraat 55, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 453 580

Tandarstenpraktijk Buysse

Melkweg 1-A, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 455 092


Dierenkliniek van der Wolf

Alexander Gogelweg 14, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 466 548
web. Website

Emergency number

Nationwide Emergency telephone: 112