Medical Addresses for (Tourists in) Nieuwvliet


In life-threatening situations, immediately call 112!

Do you need medical care during your holiday in Nieuwvliet?

Without a referral, it is not permitted to visit a hospital. In such cases, please first contact a GP (General Practitioner).

Booking an Appointment with a GP

An impromptu consultation without a prior appointment is usually not possible. Always call in advance to arrange an appointment.

Preparing for Your Doctor's Visit

Ensure that you have the following information on hand both when booking your appointment and during your consultation with the doctor:

General Practitioner / Local doctor

Huisartspraktijk Oostburg-Cadzand

Pastoor van Genklaan 6, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 391 366 

Huisartsenpraktijk Oostburg-Cadzand

Badhuisweg 42, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 391 366 

Huisartspraktijk Sluis

Zuiddijkstraat 8D, Sluis
tel. +31 117 421 421 


Including: emergency department, pediatrician, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, etc.

AZ Zeno

Kalvekeetdijk 260, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 505 350 00 
web. Website


Tandarstenpraktijk Buysse

Melkweg 1-A, Oostburg
tel. +31 117 455 092 


Dierenkliniek van der Wolf

Alexander Gogelweg 14, Vlissingen
tel. +31 118 466 548 
web. Website

Emergency number

If someone’s life is in danger, always call 112!