Tenthut - International - Cottage

Tenthut - International - 1 Tenthut - International (January 2022) - #2

Maybe you don't have a tent or a caravan but you would like to experience the real camping life. That's why we have the tent cabin! A wooden house with a canvas roof. The cabin is divided by wooden walls in a living room and two sleeping areas. Four people can sleep in the tent cabin. In one sleeping area there is a double bed in the other a bunk bed. Complete inventory is provided. There is not a toilet or a shower in the tent cabin, but the toilet building is just around the corner.

And of course you can have access to wireless Internet.

- Wooden house
- Tent cover as roof
- Inventory provided
- Cold fresh water
- Wireless internet for free
- Pets are allowed

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Sint Bavodijk 2d, Nieuwvliet
tel. +31 117 371 233 
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