Tractorpulling Cadzand 2024


Experience the excitement and spectacle of Tractor Pulling at the annual event at Ringdijk Noord near Cadzand. This is not just a competition; it is a showcase of power and engineering where spectacular machines display their might.

What to Expect at Tractor Pulling in Cadzand-Bad?

A Day Full of Adrenaline and Fun

Tractor Pulling in Cadzand-Bad is more than a sporting event; it's a celebration of mechanical power and local competition.

Tickets and Access

Don't miss this opportunity to see the most powerful tractors in action and experience a day full of fun and excitement. Come to Cadzand-Bad for one of the most thrilling events of the year!

Experience the excitement of Tractor Pulling in Cadzand-Bad and cheer for your favourite teams as they compete for the title and glory!



What time / Opening hours

From 15:00 hours.


Ringdijk Noord, Cadzand