Seal Discovery Bootstour

Observe seals resting on dry banks or curiously swimming alongside the boat on this 2-hour tour suitable for all ages. - Watch the seals in their natural environment - Have fun during this activity suitable for all ages - Feel safe with a maximum of 10 people per boat After a quick briefing, you will climb into the open RIB boat and sail from ...

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Boulevard de Wielingen 80, Cadzand
tel. +32 784 840 60
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Seafront Maritiem

Those who always wanted to know what it's like in a world class harbor or fishing market, finds satisfying answers in Seafront, the maritime theme park at the old fish market of Zeebrugge. You'll hear old fishermen tell their stories about the harsh sea life, you'll see the ins and outs of a fish auction, and you'll experience the limited ...

Vismijnstraat 7, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 505 514 15
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Recreatiezwemmen. Het buitenzwembad is speciaal gericht op de kleintjes: ondiep en omgeven door een Middeleeuws dorpje. Ook is er een nieuwe binnenspeeltuin. De binnenspeeltuin van Rynaertland biedt kinderen de mogelijkheid om met veel plezier en fantasie veilig te spelen. Ze kunnen hun gang gaan in het ballenbad, glijbaan, klimrek.....en nog veel meer. Reynaertland is dé locatie voor ...

Kreekzoom 2, Hulst
tel. +31 114 312 898
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Toversluis is the name of a family indoor leisure center on the outskirts of the town of Sluis, Zeeland. It offers the visitor from each age group entertainment, relaxation and fun. Has access to ample parking, and surrounding grounds suitable for outdoor arrangements such as placing tents, attractions and holding outdoor events. In addition ...

Nieuwstraat 83A, Sluis
tel. +31 117 461 111
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Those who want to see the Zwinstreek region from a different angle, the Sincfala Museum offers a unique opportunity The museum is housed in an old school, where still lessons were taught to navigators and fishermen for some time. Hence an old fishing class was reconstructed in the museum. You'll learn a lot about the old fisherman's life, both on land and at sea. You can also guess sayings ...

Pannenstraat 140, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 308 72
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Casino Knokke

Who mentions casino, automatically thinks of a gambling hall. Of course in Knokke you can play like any other Casino in the world: American roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Stud Poker and you can try your luck at one of our slot machines. But the casino has much more to offer. There's a lively ...

Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509, Knokke-Heist
tel. +32 506 305 00
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Harbor Tours Zeebrugge

Get on board, and visit the first Belgian offshore wind farm! During this tour you'll learn all about coastal shipping. Port signaling, several buoys and beacons, marine birds and sea mammals. You cross the international shipping route with the windmill park on the Thorntonbank as the final destination, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the coast. A unique experience.

Rederij Franlis
Jacques Brelsteiger - Tijdokstraat, Zeebrugge
tel. +32 597 062 94
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Sea Life Blankenberge

Sea Life Blankenberge gives you the opportunity to see the magical underwater world. You will get to stand face to face with all kinds animals living in the sea such as sharks, sea turtles, sea horses and many other species. The best feature is the 8-metres long tunnel under water, by means of which you see around 70 species of fish ...

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tel. +32 504 243 00
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Breskens Visserijmuseum

Met onder andere videofilms over de visserij, een verzameling schilderijen met zee- en havengezichten en een collectie fossielen. Verder zijn er scheepsmodellen te bewonderen, is er een maquette van de haven en een prachtig zeeaquarium.

Kaai 1, Breskens
tel. +31 117 383 656
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Museum Het Bolwerk

Markt 28, IJzendijke
tel. +31 117 301 200
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Koninklijke Golf Club Oostende

Koninklijke Baan 2, De Haan
tel. +31 592 332 83
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Museum Schooltijd

Nieuwstraat 2-4, Terneuzen
tel. +31 115 720 821
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Moio Beach

Vlamingpolderweg 3a, Cadzand
tel. +31 117 392 180
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Oorlogsmuseum Switch Back

Oudestad 16, Oostburg
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Shortgolf Cadzand-Bad

Lange Strinkweg 1, Cadzand-Bad
tel. +31 117 391 234
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